bITS Summer 2008 Survey

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1st Annual Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest!

The Contest has ended! Thank you all for your excellent pumpkin designs! Check them all out below!

These pumpkins are submitted from various locations across the US!
Click on the Larger Map Link to view them all!

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View Larger MAP to see the pictures of all the contestants! Submit one and your pumpkin will be mapped too!

Sponsors and Participants

We would like to thank the National Science Foundation for funding the bITS 2.0 Project and the Institute of Public Affairs at Temple University for all their resources.  We would also like to thank:
    -Richie's Deli
    -Tristan Video
    -Draught Horse
    -Shady Brook Farms for their donations for the event. Also special thanks to all the participants across the country and on Campus including Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and others for the real pumpkin donations for St. Christopher's Children Hospital.

Thanks to
 for their innovative website!

Download Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Waltz Remix by The Whiz Kid!

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All contest details and information about bITS 2.0 are available on